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TV shows are very similar to movies. Infact there are many people involved with television industry only, rather than films industry. They become stars with just TV.

I, myself, have been a fan of James Bond like TV shows. I mean the ones in which there's a hero, who gets a dangerous job to be accomplished, but somehow, the hero is able to fulfill his duty most of the time, but how he does that, is a mystery. So here I present top 2 tv shows like James Bond.

I just love those kinda shows. Some people might say that these are not that good. But there are people out there probing for the kinda stuff, reliant more on Action with an addition of mystery to it, lesser than purely mystery genres.

For me, the length is also utterly important. Many of the action movies stretch upto 2 hours, which is not that comfortable, if like me, you also love to watch continuously rather than having breaks in an action story (like watching half film today & the other half, the next day). The Action based TV shows have been able to pack the whole fun in a time of 50 minutes (max), which gives the whole ecstasy in lesser time. Sometimes these shows might tend to be a little too overly non-realistic, but that's totally fine to me, infact I love it. On the positive side, it can make our imagination better.

The storylines of the shows that I'm gonna mention today go like Hero saving different people in separate Episodes & give action to the story, with some relation with the Hero's own personal life, the secret to which is revealed in the final Episodes of the Season. Mostly, there's a Fine Happy Ending.

So not wasting a lot of time, let me tell the Action based TV shows that I've liked the most (this is my preference only):

Human Target (2010-2011)

My Rating- 8/10

Human Target is a wonderful action TV Series & has a good rating featuring the 2 seasons, it aired. The story is a perfect setup for some good Action with some utilization of Technology. There's a little sprinkling of sexual attention too in the show.

The tale deals with Christopher Chance, a sturdy fellow (the hero), whose aim is to protect people, whose life is in danger of being killed by someone. He has a support of few priceless friends too including Retired Detective Winston & Guerrero, an intelligent person with good assets. Their organization is totally non-governmental, but that doesn't mean goodness is not their feature, although things can get messy at times. Action scenes including both fighting & adventure ones are part of the show. So overall, a cool action TV Series.

Here's the link to the well known website, IMDB for Human Target TV Series:
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Transporter: The Series(2012-Present)

My Rating: 8.5/10

Transporter films trilogy is very well known one, featuring Frank Martin, whose job is to transfer packages, with no questions about the Package, itself, whatsoever. With this kinda dangerous stuff in hands, things can get a little out of control at times, but the hero manages it all, in the end. But one thing is certain, Frank doesn't like to be called a driver.

But this one here is spin-off to the movie series, although actors are different but the characters have been retained. This show too has sexual references, so beware if you're young. People had high expectations from this series as the name goes by the reputation of films with the same name, according to which it has slightly reduced ratings. But from my side, the show's nice.

Hero's name is Frank, who now works in coordination with Carla, a girl who finds Frank jobs & Frank's to.accomplish it. Frank's house and the detective inspecting the place are the things which are still intact. Besides, there are numerous action scenes with street car stunts & fighting too. So overall a very fine action show.

Here's the IMDB link for Transporter: The Series:

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