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Today I'd like to have you read an account or as I'd like to call it, a detailed Account on How Facebook CURRENTLY determines "Seen" on Messages.This will help you know something cool.

You know, there is a way to even see a part of the message you receive on Facebook & not even let the sender know that you've seen it. I've myself tested these & I hope you like it.

Note: Please use these principles carefully. They've worked for me now, but I can't assure that they'll always work, as Facebook changes its interface quite often. Also the results might vary for different persons, Facebook Messenger & Facebook's App as I've tested it on PC only. So I can't hold any responsibility about these points' working.


So in detail, this post is about the time when you send a Private Message on Facebook, also known as Inboxing someone on Facebook. If the receiver simply just reads the message and doesn't reply, you get a small written note, under your sent message that the receiver has seen it, like "Seen 4:09pm".

But in Practice, there can be technological loopholes. So today I wanna tell you, in depth & details, when Facebook marks that "seen", so that if you're the receiver or the sender, you can understand that maybe that person has actually read it, but I'm not getting the "Seen" note, due to technological stuff


Well, you might say "Ain't, Nobody got time for that" & what's the use of knowing how Facebook processes "Seen" on Messages you send. But trust me, if you know about these little technological principles, you might be able to know that there can be problems in the medium of sending the message & if it's an important message, you would really care about whether it has been actually read or not, regardless of whether there's a "seen" note or not.


So finally, let's see a few points which will tell you the principle of how Facebook's "Seen" on Messages works. I'll consider the sender as "Sandy" & the receiver "Ross":

1. Sandy sends a message to Ross, Ross opens it and reads it on Facebook, but doesn't reply. Sandy will get something like "Seen at 6pm" note, under her message, right after Ross reads it.

2. Sandy again sends a message to Ross. Ross doesn't open it completely, but just clicks on the "Message" Icon, reads a part of it, that is shown in his message icon (see the screenshot below) and Logsout of Facebook. Voila! Sandy doesn't get a "seen" note under her sent message.

In the above Screenshot, you can see that I've not so far clicked on the message, but still seeing it, so that my friend (sender) doesn't get a "seen" note

So this is a big thing you know, you can simply see a part of message, by clicking on the message icon and the sender won't even have a clue about whether it's been seen or not! There are a few more breakthoughs in the upcoming points.

3. I'm not sure whether this and upcoming points will work on Messenger for Facebook and Facebook App. Sandy sends a message to the receiver Ross. Ross reads it at the time, when Sandy is using Facebook (It means she hasn't logged out of her account. Even her browser might be closed, but she hasn't logged out). Sandy gets the "seen" note.

But Ross doesn't want Sandy to have the "seen" note, so he swiftly marks the message as Unread, but it's in vain, Sandy has the "seen" note already. But when Sandy will refresh the webpage or Logout & Login again, she won't get the "Seen" message, if Ross has still marked it as read.

So in short, if you by mistake completely open a message that wasn't meant to be opened, there's still a little hope to remove the "seen" note. Also if you wanna know, how to see the complete messages Actions & View on Facebook, in order to Mark messages as Unread & more, see the following post:

View Now

4. Sandy sends a message to the receiver Ross. Ross reads it at the time, when Sandy is logged out of Facebook. But Ross quickly marks it as Unread. Next time, when Sandy comes online, she'll not see the "seen" note, if Ross still has marked it as unread.

So after reading the above important points about how Facebook filters "seen" on messages, you would know how to avoid the seen note, as a receiver & as a Sender, you might know the necessary issues in the technological medium, about someone has seen your sent messages actually or not.

That it! I hope you liked it!


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  1. Great explanation about "Seen" feature, but what do you think it's justified ?

    Anyways there is a more ethical trick to remove seen from Facebook message, and it will work on all the browsers because it natively uses Facebook's "unread" feature ;)

    Let me know what do you think about it :)

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