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Cut the Rope by ZeptoLab is one of the best Android Puzzle games & Now they've even released their sequel, Cut the Rope 2, where more fun awaits. Cut the Rope 2 Free (with some In-app Purchases), works well on Bluestacks for PC too. Bluestacks is a software that allows users to run Android Apps on PC-Windows/Mac itself.


For the already Cut the Rope utilizing players, the sequel brings even more fun, with a lot of new improvements & features to make the User-experience remarkable. There are many changes in almost every gameplay field. Although the game has become little heavier than before, but still, it's fine.

For fresh Users, Cut the Rope games are a unique Puzzle games series, where the creature named Om Nom has to be fed candies. In a typical level, these candies are arranged such that there's a preferably a single possible way to cut the ropes (in the level's mechanism), in such a way that the Candy ultimately reaches Om Nom's mouth. Don't worry, it's not a dangerous creature.

Infact, I think Om Nom is just a cute creature, who can't even get candies on his own! :P In Cut the Rope 2, Om Nom is back to go through towns, tunnels, cities, everything to probe for Candies. You'll need to help him in his (/ her maybe) Quest for Fun. He just in need of more & more in his merryquest.

Above is the Screenshot of a Fullscreen Stretched Cut the Rope 2 level.

The game has enhanced Graphics making it look very beautiful, The music has been updated & the new one is also cool. Cut the Rope 2, due its improved Gameplay, is a little heavier, so it does take some Extra Loading time on slower devices.

An interactive map also joins the game, bringing a storyline type thingy where you proceed to next level in the map, step-by-step. Also There is addition of Nommies, sweet creatures who help Om Nom in his way, giving the game some cool abilities. Everything is On! It's just the wait for the users to download & Play.


So Cut the Rope 2 is available for Free to Download, although they offer In-App Purchases in the game itself, for some extra additions to the game. It runs fine on Bluestacks version 0.8, Android App Player for PC.To download it, first run Google Pay Store on Bluestacks for PC, the way to which is in the following post:

Next, Search for "Cut the Rope 2" in the Play Store on Bluestacks, to download & Install the game. Here's the Google Play Store link for Cut the Rope 2, just in case:

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Cut the rope 2, doesn't by default, work with Fullscreen, it can be manually made to run like that, although there can be a few glitches in the Tablet Sized Fullscreen mode, but you can do it, if you want, by the method in the following post:

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