Farm Mania 2 PC Game Review

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Games are fun to play! Of-course that's what the aim of a game is. Today let us check out another epitome of the good Time-Management game, requiring you to use mouse and very similar to Point & Click Games, Farm Mania 2 (Review + Important Links).


Farm mania 2 is a game by As the name says, it's the sequel to the previous game, Farm Mania. The concept of the game has been kept more or less similar to Farm Mania. But Farm Mania 2 has new levels and updates, so that the superb adventure after the addictive game, Farm Mania, persists.

The game's story has also moved ahead. Our prominent character, Anna, has married to a strong handsome guy, Bob. She still has her grandfather's support. The game has also updated a few systems, like the old well has been replaced by the newer Water Pump. There are noticeable transitions like this one, all over the game, but the basic concept of fighting with time to produce crops, take care of animals and overall maintain the farm has been kept the same.

There are Fruits, Animals, Birds, Bakeries, Textile Factories, etc., which are a lot of factors you'll need to take care of. You'll also need to buy new stuff from the market to maintain harmony with the newer goals with bigger targets.

The gameplay asks you to help Anna do stuff, simply by clicking on things, which Anna takes time to do. For instance, to plow new seeds, you'll need to click on the seeds & then the crops. To fetch water from pumps, you'll require to click on the pump. To clear the weed, again click on the crops and finally to take the product finally click on the riped crops again, making sure they don't over-ripe.

So as a whole, the fun of Farm Mania continues!


Again similar to the predecessor, Farm Mania 2 has three versions: the online game, The Downloadable 1 hour Free trial and finally the Full Paid one.

So to play Farm Mania 2 online, visit the following URL:

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And to Download the Free 1 hour trial or to but the game, check out the following link:

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