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37.4 MB Setup (Windows)

I've been recently searching for Visual Novel games, and have found quite fine ones. Today let's about anther Epitome, "The Letter", a short Visual Novel Game, its review and Download Instructions. It's available for Free.


"The Letter" was originally released in Japanese language, I guess titled "Tegami" (not sure). It's a very short Visual Novel, leading you to a fine quality time during its gameplay. Also, it's concentrated more on the tale, like any other Visual Novel and I think (again not sure!) that it doesn't have multiple endings, despite the options you choose.

The story is about a very broad topic, The Family System and how it is changing with the growing world and also how People are getting diverse. In a nutshell, it conveys the meaning of "Family". It all commences with a letter! The story too follows the same, at the start we're told of quite a few lines, each line is an irony to the previous one and probably teaches you good values. It's like someone telling his story. Therefore, it's very much like a Novel.

The game installs fine even on Windows 7 64-bit and runs straightaway. I wasn't able to get it to run on Fullscreen. The basic controls simply make use of mouse. Left-Click brings the next Dialog whereas the Right-Mouse button shows various options, like Save, Load etc. Choice of music is also very good, it gives a good feel while reading and the scenes too are pretty fine.

So overall, a nice typical Visual Novel Game. And Yeah! one more thing, the game is available for Both Windows & Mac platforms.


So, "The Letter" Visual Novel Game can be downloaded from "", in the following URL:

Visit Now
(To download, see the options right next to the picture of the game. Under "download", click on your required platform.)

So, I hope you liked the above review.


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