Crimsoness PC Game Review (for Windows)

Hey Fellas!

Today I'm here to articulate my views on a very innovative PC game for Windows, Crimsoness, a Three Minute Game.


Crimsoness is a nice game, whose gameplay only lasts for three minutes! Queer huh! And unique too! It was developed in Japanese language and has also been translated into English to offer it globally. The game's concept is simple, yet attractive. The word "Crimson" would mean "being embarrassed and that's what this game is about. It's all about RAGE.

*Maybe, some spoilers about the story below*

It's about a girl (Bakumi Moriyama) who has a little problem. Remember, sometimes tiny menaces lead to greater dangers and even mammoth reactions by the people. The game is under the Adventure, Visual Novel & Short Games categories, I'd say! Okay, so let's be persistent with the tale. Bakumi, during an examination, by mistake, writes corrupt answers. So although she knew the answers in reality, her marks would be zero.

On this she gets really very angry and decides to venture and take revenge on the world. O! I forgot to tell, these are the last 3 minutes of the exams, we're chatting about, so even altering the answers is not quite a possibility. So actually her anger shows huge output and causes trouble everywhere, but ONLY FOR THREE MINUTES! Let's see what you can do in that.

The gameplay is not that tough, you basically read some text and Bakumi's thoughts, by simply left clicking on the screen to see next thought. So the game may also test your reading skills, to see how swiftly you read. Alternatively you can long-click on the screen to see the thoughts moving on fastly, which is preferred only when you're on the game's consecutive run and want to  skip the text, which you had already read.

There's the rage meter used sometimes, to charge up and Smash, which can be done by clicking or long-clicking on the points of rage meter (top-right corner of the screen). The game has quite informal text, to make the reader feel it!


Crimsoness is the Visual Novel Game that is concentrated more on its short "3-minutes" highlight. The short story has also been well summed up in that time. Basically this game could make you do a certain task quicker than usual, if you do that right after playing it. It may also test your reading skills. AND it's just 3-minutes, I'd say, just try it, this won't eat much time!


I think Crimsoness is available for free on "", which seems to be its official website (I'm NOT completely sure about the data of this line). You can download it from the following URL:

Visit Now

(Under "download" click on "windows" when you visit that page).


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