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78 MB (Windows) | 83 MB (Mac)

Adventure has put its mark on the world. Almost everyone adores Adventure. Then why not, bring this fascinating theme to games too. One of the best purely Adventure Games is "Beneath a Steel Sky", which has been liked by numerous people. I'll discuss here, about its PC version.


The game belongs to "Point-and-click", "Adventure" & "Sci-fi" category, where you're presented with a scene and a character's role played by you. What you need to do is click on various items to find out its significance or perform a certain action on it. After being released for DOS & Amiga initially, it has also found its way into Windows & Mac platform & is playable even on Windows 7 Operating System (maybe Windows 8 too).

This game is old, but its gold, considering the fact that many users still play it. The storyline of the game is totally Futuristic, set in the future, where pollution has taken over the beautiful Earth and also Political Boundaries has grown deeper into the Hearts of Leaders. So circumstances are fragile. In that world, comes the hero Robert Foster, who is on a mission.

Before the commencement of gameplay, we are told Robert's Story, in the form of a Comic, about how he lost his family and was fostered by someone else. Robert grew well and went on to create a Robot named "Joey", whose Circuit Board could be placed easily in other machines, so that Joey could have a transition in personalities. After this, we're presented with the first scene of the game where Robert is up on the stairway and a Security guy is probing for him, you, as Robert have to save yourself.

Various Significant things can be browsed to see Robert's thoughts by Left-Clicking, Actions may be performed by using the Right-mouse button. beware to perform actions in accordance with your own wit, combined with Robert's thoughts to bring up the necessary output. For instance, at the start Robert has to secretively save himself from the Security guy. This is the concept which makes the game highly Enjoyable one.

Added to that, one of the Fantastic things of the game, is the inclusion of Voices, which makes the user-experience a lot better. You merely don't depend upon Reading for understanding the story, words are also heard. Also, there's the fun of Adventure games and a good storyline in it.

So! Voices, Story and Response to a situation, combine to make this game, as Enjoyable experience. Although the Graphics of the game, might not be good, but Graphics are not the only thing that make a game better. Other significant features can also make a particular game popular, which is also the case, here.

Based on 9019 ratings currently, on, Beneath a Steel Sky has 4.5/5 stars.


Beneath a Steel Sky can be download from, both Windows and Mac Versions are available there. You can check this out in the following URL:

Visit Now

In GOG (after visiting the link) I think you'll first need to Sign up for a new GOG Account, which is Free. The game is also Free (Free currently as on 6/6/2014). After signing up, simply Add that game to your cart and it'll be available for downloading without any price, in "My Collections" section of the website. You may also be given with a choice for Mac or the Windows version.

Summarizing the above detailed paragraph, you simply need to Sign up for the GOG account, add that game to your Cart, Visit the game's page again and use the "re-download" option.

That's it!

I hope you liked the above post. Comment with your own reviews of Beneath a Steel Sky, like what did you like or didn't like about the game.


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