Smash Android Game Review + Install on Bluestacks

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Brick Breaker games have been in the games' categories for long, DX-Ball is one of the examples of the earlier games in that. Today I'd like to show you another popular Brick Breaker Game's review: Smash, available on Android OS, which may also be installed on Bluestacks Android App Player for PC.


So it's a Brick Breaker game, and probably one of the prominent ones on the Android Operating System. "Smash" gets its name with the act of Smashing the Bricks to break 'em down and earn points. I've liked it, although there are some cons in the app, but still, it's pretty good, Let's see whether you like it or Not.

You're given a Disc and a ball on it. As soon as you click on the screen, the ball will jump and hit the Brick and in return way, you need to make sure that it doesn't fall down and hits the Disc again, in order to bounce and finally to steadily break all the bricks in a typical level. Simply, that's what your aim is. The concept is again quite serene and it becomes very difficult as you move on to the further levels.

The game offers Arcade and Challenge modes.With the Arcade mode, one can work more and more, continuously until all the lives are down, to practice and improve or even to Break a record! The Challenge mode is a little different, offering tougher challenges level-by-level. Added to all this, there are some power-ups and Upgrades to keep the user interested.

The game offers in-app purchases too, maybe, that is for buying upgrades. Although it seems to be quite a fascinating game, but there are a few cons related to it too. Like some users have reported it to be overly Challenging as you reach the higher levels.

But there are cons to everything in the world. Smash seems to be quite an interesting game and if you like its concept, it is definitely worth trying. The game is Free to download!


So Smash can be downloaded from Google Play Store, Use the one by "Magma Mobile" developer. If you need, here's the Google Play Store URL for it:

Visit Now


So, as in other similar posts, before installing Smash Free on Bluestacks Android App Player for PC, it's a requirement to run Android Market in it, to see details about how to run Android Market on Bluestacks, see the post in the link below (by me):

So after running Google Play Store, it's nothing complex, simply Search "Smash" in it. And use the install option when you reach Smash's details page on Google Play Store. Make sure, you go for the one by Magma Mobile.

Gameplay Note: You might not need to change the Smash's size to "Tablet" in Bluestacks settings, to get full widescreen, if you want.

So I wish, you would've liked Smash Game, especially when you've been able to run it on your PC.


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