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My Rating: 9/10
88.6 MB (Windows)

I've been into quite many Visual Novels in the recent past and Today also I'd like to review one of the best I've seen, Moonshine Visual Novel PC Game (both Windows & Mac) along with its link to Download from the Official Website. Also, considering it is available for Free, it's a work well done!


Moonshine is the Visual Novel Game, that made me wonder, why I didn't get to this earlier. After playing a bit, the story made me emotional, ofcourse along with the adequate contribution of its music and Voicing (Yes, the game has a little voicing, in Japanese Language). I really had to listen to Present time's popular Energetic Trendy song like "We are one", FIFA Anthem 2014.

*A spoiler alert now* It's the starting summary, what else can you expect! skip four paragraphs, after this one, for the game's description.

The storyline of Moonshine deals with a unique topic, which is still considered Taboo in many parts of the World, not only Japan. It explains their atrocities and goodness in a fine way. It's about a young girl, "Mai" who is neither a male or a female. Not only in Japanese, but coincidentally in Hindi Language too, "Mai" is a very respectable word, used for one's mother.

The tale commences with the Secondary character (probably the Author) explaining his/her (I'm not really sure! but still I'll consider "male" unbiasedly-if that's a word) career. He points out his busy life working in the Office under a Boss, with no time to even spend money., which later on, he's forced to discontinue due to the lunging of the disease "Myotonic dystrophy" upon him.

Then, he spends his life Buying and Reading books, with no source of income. The money comes from his savings, which after some time also finishes, eradicating him from reading and transiting to probe for a new Source of Income. I know it's getting a little long, but please wait, now we're gonna reach the main character "Mai".

The Secondary Character now works in the so-called low profile job, but believing that something is better than nothing! After that, while resting under the beauty of the moon, one day, he gets to meet a very Special someone, "Mai", who starts chatting with him, nicely. This is where we commence to know more about "Mai" and her uniqueness!

Now back to the gameplay, after the storyline. One of the best things I liked was the option for having Fullscreen in the Game's options. Infact, there are many other settings available which definitely enhance the user's Experience. Another thing I liked was the inclusion of little voicing (not all) of the Main character "Mai", although in Japanese, but it's good to hear words after a while & the voice used, is also very cute!

The controls, again, can be wholly coordinated with the Mouse, although Keyboard may also be utilized, For example, the use of "Escape" key on Keyboard, to exit. "Apt" is the correct word to describe the music of the game. Music is one of the best contributors to create an environment, where you can understand the intensity of the topic.


Like other Visual Novel games, this one too involves a lot of reading. Infact that's why the word "Novel" is there. Also, the Topic is a little of the nature that may not impress everyone. The gameplay, on the other hand, is very good, especially the Full Screen option. So see the topic and see if you like Novels. If the answer to this question is "Yes I like it", you're probably gonna like this one.


So, you can download this fantastic piece of work, available for Free, for both Windows and Mac Platforms, from the following URL:

Visit Now
(To download, see the options right next to the picture of the game. Under "download", click on your required platform.)


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