Teenagent PC Game Review + Download Instructions

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A Super-funny Point & Click Adventure game is what Teenagent PC Game is comprised of! So today, I'm gonna review it and give the download instructions for this game, available for Free.

*Since I haven't reached that far, in the game, I can't assure you, whether it's demo or Full Version, but it definitely seems to be Full.


Teenagent is a 1995 Game, older than a lot of Game-Players themselves these days, but it's still an awesome game, which is more based on its story, which is what Adventure Games are all about. What you need to do is, be persistent with the tale by asking the player to do the required stuff! It's just a hilarious game, so you're gonna laugh a lot, in it.

The tale is about the recent theft going on in the World. A Top-Secret Corporation named RGB has been assigned a special task, which couldn't even be solved by the Police. At the very commencement, we're displayed with Gold being stolen and disappearing right in-front of Guards' eyes from nowhere. Even the Security cameras revealed the same. In this predicament RGB hires a fortune-Teller! LOL!!!

This Fortune-Teller has to find out a name in the directory of a person, capable of doing the miracle of solving the case. The Fortune-Teller also marks this ain't right and tells the RGB about it. But they say, Desperate circumstances ask for desperate measures. :D Quite funny, but wait it gets Funnier, infact the game is all about Fun.

The Forutune Teller, then elects, by her powers a Young Cool Guy, Mark Hooper, who has to solve the mystery now. There's a good Funny conversation between Mark and RGB's agent too. For instance, like when Mark asks for the Full-Form of RGB, they don't tell, exclaiming that it's that Top-Secret!!! So Now Mark is ought to do the trick!

The controls of the game are of a typical Point-and-Click one. Left Mouse Button can make the conversation swift. In a scene where an action is required, Left-Mouse Button indicates Mark's thoughts and the Right-Mouse Button performs the Action. Going tot he Top-Left Corner of the screen, triggers inventory and Pressing "Alt+F4" will open the game's Menu. Also there's good music behind the game.

The game is working in systems including Windows 7 (64-bit), so might also be available for Windows 8. Also, it's available on Mac. It uses Dosbox Engine to integrate compatibility with the old game and may simply run by clicking on it.

On the con side, you can say, the Graphics aren't that Good, as compared to today's world, but still as far as you consider the Year 1995, it has nice Graphics. Also, Voices of Characters' Speech are not available, atleast at start, but most Point-and-Click games don't have them.

But overall, it's a very nice Funny Game.


Well, as a whole you can say that there are cons to the game and there are pros too. The cons include old Graphics and no Voice pack. But the Pros are good story, it's Funny (not usual for a game) and ofcourse there is Point-and-Click Adventure.

So see the screenshots, if you like move on to downloading the game, currently available for Free. If you like, then Play. And if you're a Point-and-Click Adventure Games fan, I think you'll like this one!


Now, Teenagent can be downloaded from GOG.COM . For that purpose, an account Registration on it may be needed, which is free. Yo can register to gog.com, at their site, by clicking on "Login / Sign-up", Tab, in the following URL:

Visit Now

After that, Visit the following link for the game, Teenagent at GOG.com:

Visit Now

With your new gog.com Account Signed-in, click on "Add to Cart", to add Teenagent to your Collections (The game is also currently Free) and finally visit your Account's Collections, by Clicking on "My Account" Tab at GOG, where you would see "Teenagent", click on it, select your OS and Download it.

So I hope you'd have liked the above review.

Image by Grant Cochrane, freedigitalphotos.net


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