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Android is a system based on Apps. For every feasible purpose, an app is utilized. People have even started cracking healthy jokes about it. Another simple method for better use of apps, is what I'm gonna show you today. I'll not be surprised, if you already know it.

Have you ever downloaded an Android App and found, in the first run, that a special video clip, images or notes are shown to guide you. For Example, controls of a game might be displayed, while running it for the first time. If you've ever missed that and want to see the first run of the app again, I'd like to show the procedure today.

Note: This small recommendation will make the app completely fresh, removing the Save Data and other app data (in case of bigger games). So make sure, not to use this method in case you wanna lose your current profile  & App Data.


Well, when you download and use an App multiple times, it saves its Data on the basis of your Usage of App, to make it personalized and User-friendly, that is, make it different for others than for you. This includes theme settings, App Behavior settings, Save Data, etc.
For example the App Data of the App MX Player will contain the theme you like, the settings you have, maybe also the list of videos, to avoid refreshing again & again.

These settings files are generally stored in sdcard (Or Android Root Folder)>>Android>>data. We'll remove these settings to reset the App.


Don't worry! we're not gonna tease any important folder, like data folder (mentioned above). All we'll be doing is use the settings provided by Android itself. I'm gonna tell the procedure below, according to Kitkat (Android 4.4.4) OS, the process for other Android versions shall be more or less the same:

1. Decide the app, which you wanna reset. Don't follow the procedure, if you don't wanna clear the App's Save Data.

2. In the Menu, visit Settings>>Apps (or Manage Applications).

3. In the app list, choose the App, which you wanna rest, you may also use the Running or All Apps Tabs. Tap on it.

In the above screenshot, I've already cleared the data, so it shows 0.00 B.

4. In the Chosen App's Details page, that appears next, simply use the "Clear Data" option, which will wipe that Particular App's data, to reset it.

That's it!


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