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While using the famous Android Operating System, have you ever stumbled upon an app, which doesn't let you uninstall it? If yes (or even if your answer is No :P ), today I'm gonna talk about why some apps don't let you easily uninstall them and also, the way to uninstall them. Briefly speaking, this post will be about Administrative Android Apps.

The OS being used by me will be Android 4.4.4 (KitKat, the latest so far). I'm not sure about the methods in other Android versions, but I think, the settings should should be more or less similar.


So first things first, What are these Administrative Android Apps? You see, there are some apps in Android, which require Phone's All settings access, rather than simply installation. The settings like, Changing Lock Screen, Changing security codes, Turning GPS On/Off etc. are very delicate ones and normally aren't handed over to any App.

But some apps can have them, with a special permission from you (the user). The Apps which successfully get these permissions are Admin Apps. It's not like they crave to have them, but just that their functioning increases by having them. For example, App lockers, like Vault may need them to lock apps OR Android Device Manager needs them to find the exact location of the Device.

Once an App has these Admin rights, they don't get directly uninstalled. They first need to be removed from having Admin privileges & then Uninstalled, making it a 2-step procedure.


It's not that tough, but just a little indirect: As I said, first remove the App from Admin Privileges (Deactivate) & then Uninstall:

1. Choose the Admin App, you wanna uninstall.

2. Go to Menu>> Settings >> Security (under PERSONAL Header) >> Device administrators (under DEVICE ADMINISTRATION header).

3. Untick the App for which you wanna remove Admin rights. (It might also ask for confirmation, so confirm it too)

Note: If you're not sure, which App to deactivate, Visit the App in Play Store, there you should see the option to Deactivate. Tap on it. After a while, deactivation confirmation will reach you. Make sure, you're online.

4. After removing the Admin rights, all you gotta do is Uninstall the App, the methods for which are many! You can use the one you like!

One of the methods is to Long Press the App, in the menu, & drag it to the uninstall option, which deletes it quickly.

That's it!


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