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Subtitles is a topic a little into contradiction. While there are some people who like subtitles, others believe that Subtitles on a video aren't good, as they deviate your focus from the video itself. But yeah! I believe if you're newbie to a language, Subtitles are a great help, to understand a video.

So today, I'd like to show you, how to grab subtitles for any video on Android. No need to download the big video again, all you need to do is download the .srt Subtitles file, which is not large and will get your Video integrated with Captions on the Go!

What the App "Subloader" will do is- it'll itself search for the Subtitles and will bring you the best result and also integrate your Video with the Captions file. But yeah! only the popular videos like videos of movies or Episodes may bring good results, as there are some videos to which No Subtitles are available on the internet. This app works on Android OS. To open a video for which the subtitles have been downloaded & paired, you'll need a nice Video Playing App, one of the best of which is MX Player. You can see its review by me at:

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If you wanna manually search for subtitles yourself, what needs to be done is:

1. Search for proper subtitles, not only by movie's name but by timings too, so that subtitles work with the same synchronization as the characters speak. Which is not quite easy and absorbs a lot of time, if manually done by probing the internet.

2. Integrate (Pair) those subtitles with the video, which is usually done by renaming the subtitles with the same name as the video and then using a good Media Player to be able to detect that and finally play the video along with the specified subtitles.

Like everything else, if all the above work is done manually, it'll more time consuming and with errors. So for this, the solution has been provided by the App, Subloader, which does all the above work, only by a single command, to download and pair the captions.

Subloader works on Android OS and uses the websites OpenSubtitles, Podnapisi and Subscene, to download and pair the subtitles. Remember, the subtitles will automatically be downloaded and paired & then will be playable if you use a good Media Playing App, like MX Player for Android.

The App works by detecting the videos on your device. When you open it, the videos on you device will be listed and then you may choose the video for which you want the subtitles. Ofcourse, internet will be required.


After listing the usefulness of Subloader, its downside can be the limitation that mostly all subtitle searching methods have: the data is incomplete. There are still many videos, for which subtitles have not been made or properly distributed & can't be found.


So try the App yourself, by downloading it from Google Play Store. See if you find it nice or not. Use the following link:

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