Download & Install Angry Birds Star Wars II Free on Bluestacks for PC

Hey Fellas!

Angry Birds Series is one of the most popular games, these days & why shouldn't it be, it's so good and addictive.

Here's a Screenshot of Angry Birds Star Wars 2 running on Bluestacks:

Today, it's time to chat about Installing the game, Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Free-Android, also run-able on Bluestacks Android App player for PC, after Downloading it.


Well, Angry Birds Star Wars II is another Angry Birds Series' game, as the name suggests, based on the similar principle- Slingshot. But there are a lot of new updated side features in the game, which make it even more interesting, addictive & enthusiastic than earlier.

For instance, the Choosing the sides feature. For the first time ever, in an Angry Birds game, the player gets a choice to choose sides, even the Evil-Dark side can be chosen, to fight using Pigs. Isn't that wonderful! The basis for its tale, as earlier, are Star Wars prequels. So you can play as the evil Darth Vader.

The graphics & Storyline as usual, will be awesome. Ads will be shown in the Free version of Angry Birds Star Wars II, i.e. this one.


Now, Downloading an app on Bluestacks Android App Player for PC, requires you to run Android Market (Google Play Store) in it. This one is not an exception to it. So in order to run Google Play Store first, check out the following post, by me:

Now, after running Google Play Store on Bluestacks, a Search has to be done. Simply Search for "Angry Birds Star Wars II" or "Angry Birds" in the play Store, to Download & Install it then.

Also, if there's a need, here's the official Google Play Store link for Angry Birds Star Wars II Free:

So, This is it. I hope you like Angry Birds Star Wars II.

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