Download & Install Bunny Shooter on Bluestacks for PC

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Today, we're gonna chat about the installation of Bunny Shooter- Best Free Game (as the name on Google Play Store says!) on Bluestacks Android App Player for PC, i.e. a method to install it, along with a short review.


So the basis of the game, "Bunny Shooter", as the name conveys is shooting the Bunnies. Bunny actually seem to be nice, cute creatures but this time, these cunning Bunnies have stolen your priceless Carrots, which was an award for you. Now you gotta have 'em back.

The game's Physics is actually the thing that attracted me the most. You need to shoot with very good precision or else the Arrow left by you goes in vain. Believe me, it's a little tougher than it looks. Added to that, Bunnies are still very intelligent & will try to evade your attacks, pouring salt to the injuries! But if one never gives up, ofcourse a way out can be found.

The game has been packed with 4 worlds of 60 levels each so that the fun is not transient. The controls are cool & can be learnt by people in all ages (of-course there's an exception of babies! :P). One can also skip some levels by using a feature called the RING OF DOOM, which is sort of a life-lying.

Also you can upgrade your Arrows with worlds' change to ARCHER ARROW, BOMB ARROW or BALL ARROW. Currently, the Play Store Description of the game says, "All the progress in this game is FREE, you don't need to pay to advanced in the levels." So you might not need to spend money to play levels, but there can be limitations. For instance, any purchase in the game, will remove ads.

Over-all Bunny Shooter is a terrific game & is a great fun Puzzle-Shooter game to play.


So, as in other similar posts, before installing Bunny Shooter on Bluestacks Android App Player for PC, it's a requirement to run Android Market in it, to see details about how to run Android Market on Bluestacks, see the post in the link below (by me):

So after running Google Play Store, it's nothing complex, simply Search "Bunny Shooter" in it. And use the install option when you reach Bunny Shooter's details page on Google Play Store.

Also, if required, here's the official Google Play Store (Android Market) link for Bunny Shooter:

Gameplay Note: You might not need to change the Bunny Shooter's size to "Tablet" in Bluestacks settings.

So I wish, you would've liked Bunny Shooter Game, especially when you've been able to run it on your PC.

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