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Twitter has revolutionized the world with its brilliant idea of Social Networking. The site is based on extraordinary working criteria, with simple unique presentation & marvelous looks. One of the best things about twitter is that, you get following strangers. I love to meet strangers (provided they're nice!). It's like someone else complementing that your twitter profile is good. Today, I'll be discussing about the proper way of using the developed feature of HashTags with a Tip.

Actually the benefit of this tip will not only be for tweets but for Posts too. In other words, It'll be helpful for all the social Networks supporting Hashtags, including Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Well, twitter is a social Networking Website, based completely on the basis of people following others, which is quite different from sites like Facebook. No Request has to be sent to be accepted as a Friend here, you can simply follow other people OR get follows from others.

Not much information about yourself has to be submitted on Twitter. You can create your Free Profile, add updates / posts with pics too, with a maximum of 140 characters per tweet (post). If people like see your tweets and like them, they may follow you, to receive more updates from you. They can even retweet and add your tweets to favorites section, which expands your circle. Once you get a lot of followers, you become quite famous.

And People like fame, don't they? Added to fame, you also get to know that how many people like your posts and personality as a whole. Due to things like lesser information required and no need to respond to every follower, Twitter has i it numerous famous personalities like Shakira, Pitbull, Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, Eminem, Merryquest (Me! :P I've just mentioned it for fun :D) and many more!

The famous personalities are marked by a special Tick sign, verified by Twitter, to make sure people don't start following Fakes.

Twitter is also referred to as being in micro-blogging category, where people can add their views in posts of merely 140 characters max, for each one.

The best thing of twitter is that it's Free!


So, the first question like in any other topic would be What am I talking about! What are Hashtags?

The concept of Hashtags has an innovative notion. It's a very nice way to categorize tweets and largely increase the connection between people on tweets. The requirement is, while tweeting / posting, you'll have to put a hash in front of an important word in your tweets, that describes what your tweet is about. Then a webpage would be created in the format "", where "(yourword)", is the important keyword you marked with the Hash.

Now, Tweet from every other person, who has used the same word with a hash, will also be displayed on the same Webpage {}. Therefore, if there's a person, seeing that Hashtagged page, there's a chance he might also see your tweet and if he likes it, maybe even follow you. It's all probability then.

These hashtags are NOT case sensitive (atleast currently dated 23.08.2014), that is, they treat capitals and lower case letters the same. For example, #FootBall , #football , #FOOTBALL will all appear on the same hashtag webpage,

Let me quote an example of Hashtags. Consider I wanna tweet:

Wow! Lionel Messi becomes the Best Player of the Football World Cup 2014 Tournament.

This tweet is good, but with addition of Hashtags, it may become even better:

Wow! #LionelMessi becomes the Best Player of the #Football World Cup 2014 Tournament.

Now, this second tweet will be visible both the Hashtag Pages, creating a wider reach:

In addition to that, Hashtags, on keywords, help twitter to understand what your important words are and to find the similar people that may have similar interests as you, see your profile and maybe even like it.

In a nutshell, all I'm saying is that Hashtags increase the Audience reach in Twitter, to attract more people to your profile.


Now is the moment to summon the tip I wanted to tell you. It's not a very big thing, I guess, but I think you should know about it. Many people on Twitter and other Hashtag supporting social Networking Websites, try to overuse Hashtags, by adding a lot of Hashtags on a single tweet. Honestly, to a little extent I was also a victim of it.

Adding a lot of Hashtags, I believe, does not create a good impression in the eyes of a reader. Also, a lot of Hashtags may confuse Twitter Engine about which words are more important, as many of them have been Hashtagged.

So a serene solution to this, would be the use of not more than 2 Hashtags per tweet (post). This rule is quite helpful & is the best way to use Hashtags. Yes, there can be a few (very less) exceptions where you can use 3 to 4 Hashtags, but not more than that. To this I also wanna support my point by pointing out to the Official Twitter Website support:

Under the heading "Using hashtags correctly:" over there, there's a specific point mentioning NOT TO SPAM HASHTAGS, with an irony:

"Don't #spam #with #hashtags. Don't over-tag a single Tweet. (Best practices recommend using no more than 2 hashtags per Tweet.)"

So as even they say, Do not use more than 2 HashTags per tweet / Post.

That's it!

I wish, you liked the tip on the correct way to use HashTags on twitter, also applicable to other Hashtag supporting websites like Facebook & Google+.


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