Why AdSense Ads should NOT be displayed below Post Title

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Google, with its advanced network, has the most influential Advertising service, available for Publishers & for Advertisers, in the form of Adsense and Adwords. Added to that, Adsense has also setup a few guidelines for its publishers, regarding 'The right way to Present Ads on your Website'. Ad placement policies are a fragment of that.

UPDATE (2.1.2015): Recently I've come to know that ads can be placed below post title, in case they do not push the content below fold. By this, I mean that on the first glance, if a person sees both the text & a paragraph of content or so, along with the ad, it should be fine. But still, for safety, many bloggers prefer not to place them right below title.

Today I'd like to display an important part of the appropriate way for placing ads properly on your website, as a Publisher. I think Adsense Ads should not be placed right below the Post's title. If you're currently doing it, Please stop! it may be dangerous to your Adsense Account & may lead to banning, in severe cases. Note: This article is simply my suggestion. Since I do not represent Google AdSense, I CANNOT be completely sure. Therefore I may not hold responsibilities for problems.

I may also display the evidence for Why I'm saying that "Ads should not be placed right below Post title, in a Website/Web-Blog."


While placing AdSense ads on a website, as a Publisher, one always tries to target the Audience and make sure that they look at your ads too, while browsing the website. This is ofcourse, a good thing. Ads are part of one's website and it's important that people look upon them too, plus it may earn you a few extra bucks too.

Heatzones, where the website visitors are most likely to see the ads, are targeted, so that good Audience viewing is produced. That's a nice thing, Think: What will be the benefit of placing ads on the lower side of the website!

But Accidental or Intentional clicks degrade the quality of Ads and as a whole the advertising service, as only the interested audience, who are interested to see the ads should click on them, no other fraud. To that motion, a guideline of correctly placing the ads on website, for Publishers, has been provided by Google AdSense, so that accidental clicks are put to halt.

In a nutshell, if you're a publisher, Ads (AdSense Ads) should be placed at a location where it's utilizable for the visitors seeing your website, to see them; Keeping in mind that those ads should not cause accidental clicks, in accordance with the AdSense's guide to Ad Placement Policies. And if you don't obey the guidelines, your account might be seized, taking the access of AdSense away from you.

Now the lines in the above paragraph can be confusing sometimes. For Example, when you wanna make your readers see ads too, so you put ads right below the Post Titles, so that the readers see that. Yes, Although, it's a good Heat-zone for making viewers see that ad, but that practice is not recommended as it pushes the content below fold, which is against AdSense guidelines.

They've mentioned that Ads should not be placed, in way, which shows the Ads first and then the text. To test it, think like a visitor, when he has the first instantaneous glimpse of your website, the ads might be visible to him & he'll need to Scroll down for seeing your Website's content. In AdSense's policies for placing ads, this way has been forbidden.


Many respective constructive criticizers might say, "Okay buddy! You've told us the thing, but just for complete insurance, could you give me something more, from someone else, ammmmmm probably Google."

I like things like the above sentence, some people are good at conversations, they mention the thing, without hurting the listener's dignity.

Anyways, so my reply to this would be Yes, I have evidence too, to prove that Publishers should NOT place Ads, right below their Post's titles:

AdSense Ad Placement Policies

First thing first, let's take a look upon the official Ad Placement policies, as provided by Google AdSense, to see if we're going on the right path. Also you may check other points too, to see if you're not violating. You can check AdSense Ad Placement policies, in the following URL:

Visit Now

Especially see the point "Site layout that pushes content below the fold".

Answer on Google AdSense Product forums

A concerned Publisher has asked a question regarding his website, with Ads placed, right below the Post title. See for yourself, the answer he has got, by Top Contributor, Gracey:

Note: I don't wanna highlight anything else, other than the answer to "Site layout that pushes content below the fold" query (No side-answers highlighted).

Visit Now

So here, Gracey has vividly replied that on the website, where the ads have been placed right below the post, pushes content below, to violate Google AdSense's Ad placement policy.

That's it!

I hope I didn't get your hopes down, by the suggestion. But I think, the right thing had to be done!

Image by 89studio, freedigitalphotos.net


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