Way To Learn Which works for anyone

So Today I'm gonna give you some tips on how to learn. These tips will help you to learn and attend lectures (if any!) properly.

So are you afraid that you'll pass this session or not?
Do you think, " I try to study, but my grades don't reveal my full potential."
"Are you bored of not being able to study?"
This Post will give you answer or method to do it.

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"Studying is necessary before you can commence doing Experiments."

First of all

I suggest you to take a new commencement/start that is, forget your past (if negative), because it has already gone and start learning with a new journey.


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When you learn something in Lecture, try to give your full attention to it and when you return back Home, Just revise it.


Revision is, just seeing what you've already learn't. No man is so intelligent to remember everything, always.

So when you return home, just sit back (with no disturbances). Think about what was taught in your Lecture.


Write what you've learn't, if your teacher asks you to make a notebook, then write on that, just open the doors of your mind and write it up. It'll enhance the span/time you'll remember things.

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Mostly try to understand things, rather than memorizing. With this I don't mean not to memorize anything.
This means to memorize along with learning.

The above's example can be Chemistry's Chemical equations.

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So I hope you'd have liked my review and please don't think that these are to be followed as they are! These can be changed according to your needs, routine etc.

This is mere a suggestion to make a framework of How to Study.


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