Ahriman's Prophecy Full & Free PC Game Download

Hey Friends

Today I'd like to present to you, an awesome Full and Free PC Game, Ahriman's Prophecy, published by Amaranth Games.

Here's a screenshot of the game:

I'll also give a download link for it & yes, it's setup is about 11 MB.
The game exists & is Full & Free, as on 04 August, 2013. I don't know about the Future!

Well it's really a very good game. Although it's 2D graphics are not very attractive, but the storyline & tasks-to-do are superb.

It has a typical storyline where the main character leaves home to stop an Evil Prophecy. The guy has to Search all over for small clues, by talking to characters, collecting artifacts, etc.

do a variety of things & the game is really fun to play.


So here are the Free Full download links for the game:


Download Now

Amaranth Games Website

Download Now

That's it!

I hope you liked the above review.


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  1. Hope this should be really funny game. I will download now

    1. Yep! my hopes are also on the same side.

    2. This is one of the best game i played as a kid!

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